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GKHPhotography/Piranhafonics has been in business since 2004. My background is communications and management. Although I had been a novice for over twenty-five years, my passion for photography flourished into a business. I am an award winning photographer having won the 2007 Best Southwest Juneteenth Photography Competition in Cedar Hill, TX. Two of my pictures from Cedar Hill High School 2006 playoff football games won 1st and 3rd place for the over 18 age bracket. There are several newspapers that utilize my services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. One thing I really enjoy is observing an ecstatic customer with collections in their possession. Memories linger forever and I enjoy capturing precious memories. I personally view each photograph assuring that it would pass a rigid test. Since I am completely digital, I use several different types of software to ensure quality control measures.

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